An Idyll on Grindstone Island Geology


Here it is the second day of spring 2015 and the wind chill is below zero, again. After experiencing the all-time coldest month in February and with March on track for being the coldest March on record, I decided to cast back in time to last summer and then a mere billion years to the […]

The Missing 500 Million Years.


The trip to Clayton is always exciting because of the extraordinary types of rocks we cross over from Maine to New York. It is also a trip to deep time, not deep space time but deep earth time. I always like to have a geological puzzle to work on so this year I decided to […]

Three Interesting Outcroppings

View of Mount Megantic outside of Notre Dame du Bois, PQ.

Click on the link to rockblog. Slow uploading of images convinced me to share the blog update as a pdf file. Rockblog