Friday in California

my favorite picture

A wedding is definitely worthy of a blog post–because this wedding took place in San Francisco, and we did lots of other things while out there, this post is just part 1–Friday (if I don’t give up because of the slow connection, there will, eventually, be 3 more). We all had a great day–the weather […]

An Idyll on Grindstone Island Geology


Here it is the second day of spring 2015 and the wind chill is below zero, again. After experiencing the all-time coldest month in February and with March on track for being the coldest March on record, I decided to cast back in time to last summer and then a mere billion years to the […]

Harvest Post #2


First of all, it is time to report on the fermented dilly beans that I shared about in my last harvest post. I have been watching them for almost 2 weeks (the amount of time most recipes recommend), and wondering if the color changes, cloudy liquid, etc. were what I should expect. I finally got […]