The Missing 500 Million Years.


The trip to Clayton is always exciting because of the extraordinary types of rocks we cross over from Maine to New York. It is also a trip to deep time, not deep space time but deep earth time. I always like to have a geological puzzle to work on so this year I decided to […]

For Margaret


Dear Margaret– You may not know this, but I have written you a letter every year on your birthday (or close to it!) since you turned 1. I thought I might go a little high-tech this year and post it on the blog so I can share how proud of you I am with the […]

‘Twas The Season


I had every good intention of writing an Advent post–clearly that didn’t happen. ┬áBut then we had such an awesome 12th Night, that I decided to do a little potpourri, photo-essay-style post of the whole season–including a special treat: John’s gluten-free doughnuts!       We start with the first weekend of Advent, making wreaths, […]