An Idyll on Grindstone Island Geology


Here it is the second day of spring 2015 and the wind chill is below zero, again. After experiencing the all-time coldest month in February and with March on track for being the coldest March on record, I decided to cast back in time to last summer and then a mere billion years to the […]

Don’t turn your back on that corn!


We are now officially at the autumn equinox, (and surprise, surprise), we’ve had a first, light, frost, the apples (a bumper crop) are turning red, lots of butternut squash is appearing, sunflowers are looming and the corn is unbelievable! Here are the corn beds today:   This is what they looked like in June! Sometimes […]

Summer Daze


Well, it has been quite an exciting and luscious few weeks at Tullymongan Farm! Today, I, Margaret, will be writing the blog. I have quite a few updates so keep scrolling to check out some of this week’s highlights featuring: the Ladies in Black with special guest Bubbatrix the Rooster, the ducks, the garden, and […]