MDI Marathon 2013 Edition

Seal Harbor 1

The MDI Marathon was a success this year for one runner and support team. Being able to run a Boston qualifying time on this hilly course was especially gratifying. Now you can painlessly enjoy some of the marathon with me in this photo-essay. The race started near the green in Bar Harbor. Dark with rain […]

For Margaret


Dear Margaret– You may not know this, but I have written you a letter every year on your birthday (or close to it!) since you turned 1. I thought I might go a little high-tech this year and post it on the blog so I can share how proud of you I am with the […]

….the 4th of July!


The title of this post reflects an old Maine joke.  Maine has two seasons–what are they?  Winter and…  A related saw went something like this–What do you do in the summer? Answer–If it’s a nice day, we have a picnic. Well, there was always a bit of hyperbole in those jokes, but they’re not even […]