Nothing Like A Three Day Weekend


The last time I even thought about doing a post was back in August, what feels like about 3 days ago–really more than 3 months ago! But having a three-day weekend (without a major project like garlic-planting, chicken processing or hoop-house moving!) is like a mini-vacation–I did some knitting, cooking, gardening,  and even went to […]

Recipe for a Felted iPad Sleeve


Materials: 50 gms sportweight feltable wool, or wool blend (no superwash or bleached whites)  US size 11 16” circular needle, stitch marker, yarn needle, 3 buttons To fit iPad (9.5 inches long x 7.25 inches wide) Use yarn double throughout, and knit loosely. CO 25 sts Row 1: Knit Row 2: Knit Row 3: K2, […]



Working for a living has been seriously interfering with the time I have available to post–but a weekend getaway has inspired me to try to get in at least one more post before school is out.  We headed up to Fredericton, New Brunswick for the 34th annual running of the Fredericton Marathon, which John, though […]