Summer Daze


Well, it has been quite an exciting and luscious few weeks at Tullymongan Farm! Today, I, Margaret, will be writing the blog. I have quite a few updates so keep scrolling to check out some of this week’s highlights featuring: the Ladies in Black with special guest Bubbatrix the Rooster, the ducks, the garden, and […]

Before and After (Garden Post #3)


Margaret and I have been in the garden every morning this week, bringing it back from the anarchy of luxurious weeds that our incredibly warm and wet summer has encouraged. Every day has been HOT, and humid, but it is getting a bit breezier and less buggy. But 4 hours in the garden with weeders, […]

Garden Post # 2–July 8


Well, we have had plenty of heat since last I posted, though today is mercifully cooler (and showery)–gardens need a variety of conditions to flourish so it is all good. We’ll start with the problems: –early abundant rain has led to incredible weed growth in the paths–action is needed! –the promised (dreaded) potato leaf hopper […]