Winter Projects


When we get to the depths of winter it is time to clean up the shop and get some projects completed. The wind blows cold and even this year, when we are having a record snow drought, it is not possible to spend all day outdoors. The wood stove and a cup of tea are […]

QSL Cards

QSL Cards

Collecting things has been a passion and problem of mine for many years. Toy cars (Matchbox), baseball cards, then when I got older, rocks & minerals, electronics (new and used parts), radios, and QSL cards. Some of these collections are hard to manage (like rocks) and some are very easy (like QSL cards). QSL cards […]

Ham radio antennas


Sometimes stories just start in the middle, and that is where we are right now, in the middle of some activity regarding my amateur radio station (ham radio). I have had my license since 1973 and this hobby has helped me to do many things such as: make friends around the world; learn about radio-electronics; […]