About Us

Welcome to Tullymongan Farm, and our knitting business, Tullymongan Designs!

Tullymongan Farm is our home, a small subsistence operation that feeds us year round, with surplus to share with friends and relatives. We raise ducks, chickens for both eggs and meat, bees, tend fruit trees and berry bushes and manage a great big honking raised bed vegetable garden. (It really does honk–that’s where the ducks live!). We also share the place with a couple of well-fed Labs who bring us all a lot of joy.

Our farm is named after the farm that my (John’s) grandfather Reilly had in North Whitefield, Maine. The name came from the Reilly place of origin near the town of Cavan in County Cavan, Ireland. The name refers to Mongan’s Hill. Mongan was a local leader and his fort was documented in the Annals of the Four Masters written circa 624 A.D. The Tullymongan Castle was long gone by the 1600’s, but the geographical location still exists in Ireland. It seems fitting that the name of one hill, Tullymongan, now resides in the hills of North Orland.

We recently decided to start the website (and blog) to share what goes on here, through the seasons, with scattered friends and family members. As time goes by, we plan to add posts and pages about other interests our family pursues: running, ham radio, cooking and knitting (we don’t ALL do all those things, of course!).