Saturday in the Park (Golden Gate)

DSCN6805The team split up on Saturday–we were all heading for Golden Gate Park, John and I to the California Academy of Sciences, the rest to the DeYoung Art Museum. (Unfortunately, traffic was so bad, and parking non-existent, so the DeYoung trip didn’t happen–another art museum came to the rescue, though!). We ventured out on foot, and then by Muni bus, so parking wasn’t an issue. We started off by meandering down Fillmore St., looking at the sights and stopping at a farmer’s market for some oranges. We caught a bus on Mcallister St. and got off at the park. The area between the two museums is filled with walkways, open space, palm trees and a lot of incredibly ugly pollarded sycamore trees.

After recovering from the sticker shock of the admission price, we headed in to the tropical biodome, my favorite place! There’s a ramp around the exterior of the space. The center is filled with tropical plants of all kinds, butterflies and tropical birds (including parrots). There are many interesting butterflies, including my favorite Blue Morpho which was there in abundance.




After the biodome, we explored the aquarium exhibits–so many different habitats and species represented! I include a few pictures, but could have taken many, many more–



We worked our way back to the apartment and rested up. Dinner with the whole crew was at an amazing SoMa restaurant on Lusk St. John tasted Emily’s chicken dish and was bowled over by its tenderness–he inquired, and the chef kindly shared his methods. If it works as well here, this will be the recipe for the celebratory bbq in August!

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