Harvest Post #2

First of all, it is time to report on the fermented dilly beans that I shared about in my last harvest post. I have been watching them for almost 2 weeks (the amount of time most recipes recommend), and wondering if the color changes, cloudy liquid, etc. were what I should expect. I finally got the nerve to open them up today–WOW! They are some good–tangy, salty, crisp, dilly (could be spicier–note to self–next time use flakes of red pepper instead of whole dried peppers). I have to admit, they really don’t look like much–kind of an olive green bean, but that’s ok! And interestingly enough (though not really surprising), I detected no difference whatsoever between the jar with the starter and the one without. I love experiments.

The last couple of days have been taken up with four putting food by pursuits–cauliflower for the freezer, dilled baby carrots (a vinegar recipe to keep in the fridge), fermented kosher dill pickles and plain old pickled beets. I will mention that VOLES are wreaking havoc in the garden this year–they have been gnawing on beets (as usual), cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage, beans, cucumbers, and probably some other stuff I have yet to discover–aargh. But it means I am getting food into jars and freezer bags promptly! I’d rather have small beets than no beets!

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