Harvest Post #1

Tis the season–harvest time! Not a week goes by at this time of the year without one or more major reapings. This week, among lots of other vegetables we are harvesting for meals, we brought in the garlic (now hanging in the woodshed to dry), the last of the peas, the first of the Yellow Transparent apples (a little on the green side–but they ripen, and then 5 minutes later hit the ground and rot) and green, yellow and purple beans. The apples are now in the freezer, in the form of thick, smooth applesauce, and the beans have been variously blanched, frozen, made into 3 bean salad and set to ferment. This fermenting is a new project, so I am experimenting. One jar has a small amount of starter (to get the fermentation going), the other does not. I’ve been reading up on vegetable fermentation, and am anxious to see if I like the results–stay tuned!

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