Midsummer in the Garden 2014

Come along with me on a brief tour of the garden, late in July. We’ll start on the deck, our new favorite place–with rainbow colored chairs, nasturtiums in window boxes and a hopeful Kniola’s morning glory climbing the new arch, this is a multi-use space.Then we’ll roam down to the vegetable garden–lots to see, lots to eat! We have beans just about ready to harvest, peas winding down, but still delicious, carrots and beets, celery, basil and dill. The lettuce is on its third planting and we’re still thinning the chard patch. The brassicas are magnificent–the colors alone are a delight to the eye–blue, teal green, lime and purple. Potatoes are bursting along, the corn is growing so fast it seems measurable by the day. In the hoop, the tomatoes are reaching for the sky, fruit is set and now it’s just a matter of time. The eggplants and peppers are blooming and the cucumbers are twining up their trellises–August will be here soon and so will the pickles!

Heading back up to the house, we encounter chickens, as usual being helpful and naughty in equal measures. I’m sure they keep the tick population down, but they scratch up new plantings, poop on the patio and make dust baths for themselves wherever it suits them–oh, and they really like perching on the benches and Adirondack chairs!

The dooryard now has a nice collection of herbs ready and handy for use in the kitchen. I wonder what we’ll have for supper tonight?


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