MDI Marathon 2013 Edition

The MDI Marathon was a success this year for one runner and support team. Being able to run a Boston qualifying time on this hilly course was especially gratifying. Now you can painlessly enjoy some of the marathon with me in this photo-essay.

The race started near the green in Bar Harbor. Dark with rain showers as I waited with almost 1,000 others for the start. The canon went off at 8 AM, the rain had stopped and the temperature was mild. My plan was to run easy the first three miles. It was hard to fight the excitement but I stayed in the 7-minute/mile range.

My support crew of Mary, Sally, and Margaret first spotted me (red shirt) in Seal Harbor.








Ahh, a cup of hot teas after 8 miles was just right.


The course winds past pretty Northeast Harbor and the wonderful Asticou Gardens.







Mary kept a close eye on me at the end of Sargent Drive, she knows that the race gets tough after 18 miles.









 Margie hopped in to keep me company, she had to accelerate quickly to get onto my pace.

The company was appreciated over the rolling hills.






Sally joined me for the really challenging grind up out of Somesville. Near mile 23 Margaret switched back in for the last 5K.








Coming up to the finish line (48th overall) my legs were cramping and sore.


Finally, I got dragged to the medical tent for a needed rest. I pointed to the only place that wasn’t sore while Mary & Margaret kept my calf muscles stretched (thanks).










A new addition was a big screen display of your finish statistics.

Margie, I hope to be an inspiration for you at the state XC championship meet … and all the family runners at the next race!


  1. Polly says:

    Always ending up in the medical tent!

  2. Cheryl says:

    Congratulations, John!

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