Summer Daze

Well, it has been quite an exciting and luscious few weeks at Tullymongan Farm!

Today, I, Margaret, will be writing the blog.

I have quite a few updates so keep scrolling to check out some of this week’s highlights featuring: the Ladies in Black with special guest Bubbatrix the Rooster, the ducks, the garden, and more!

The garden has been extremely successful and over the course of one day  the corn has tasseled fully and is taller then me!  Tonight’s dinner consisted of fresh zucchini, beans, and carrots, all freshly picked an hour previously!

Oh and there was steak, but that wasn’t grown. The tomatoes have shot right up and are as tall as the hoophouse!

There are some green tomatoes that should be delicious soon!

The potatoes have produced some blue potatoes that were very beautiful and unique!

Today, Mama pulled up all the onions, and now here they are pictured, drying out on the patio.

The “troublemakers” otherwise known as the chickens, have gotten themselves a bad name by getting into the herb garden and digging up all the bulbs. So, Mama and I took it upon ourselves to build a mini Alcatraz.

Though unlike Alcatraz, our fence’s goal was to keep the chickens out, not in. It has been  successful and can hardly be seen! This picture features “Blast” who is the smallest hen and quite fast when she chooses to be.

We also have a picture of Bubbatrix, the rooster, posing appropriately underneath the swing.

Last night, I spent 3 hours baking furiously, getting chocolate and whipped cream everywhere, to create a masterpiece pie.

Since I have no patience, the whipped cream melted on the still warm chocolate pudding filling of the chocolate cream pie. The gluten-free crust was constructed earlier and held up very well.

The filling was inserted into the pie and whipped cream was placed on the top. (The whipped cream was actually whipped cream, unlike the 4th, when it turned into butter once, and then the second time became a sweet cream topping.) To top it all, I shaved some sweet chocolate as a dusting to complete the pie.

The fruit around the property is very abundant this year. I have a suspicious feeling it might have been pushed along by the rain. The peaches are looking stupendous and coming along healthily.

The blackberries are an incredible crop this year! I have sampled a few, as has Mama and Papa, and they’re absolutely scrumptious!

I hope you enjoyed reading about this week’s highlights! Don’t forget to check this page out for more updates coming soon!

The “heavenly” flower!

(All text and photos courtesy of Margaret!)


  1. Emily says:

    Hello from Emily and Jonathan! Nice post, Margaret. I’m looking forward to trying all the fruits & veggies you’ve highlighted here! I didn’t know we had a rooster, much less that he had such a wierd name.

  2. Cheryl says:

    Beautiful! Thank you Margaret, well done!

  3. Phoebe says:

    Margaret, great post! I wish you could send me some of those delicious veggies in the mail to DC!

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