First Day of Spring… Maine

After getting through just about the entire winter without one, single (official, school) snow day, we are now, on the very first day of spring, on to our SECOND snow day in a row. We’ve had PLENTY of other snow storms this winter–they just happen to have been on weekends and vacations! I love having two days off in a row, but I can’t say I’m all that thrilled about 18 new inches of snow!!


Most of the old, crusty snow was just about gone (as is the stacked wood), crocus and daffodils were poking out of the ground (they still are, of course, just no longer visible) and the chickens had been out roaming around, trying to dig up my gardens.

Oh well, somebody is liking this situation! His people are home and throwing sticks for him–what more could a dog ask for?

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