The Blizzard of 2013

The weather forecasters started talking about a storm coming several days out. As the week progressed the potential for a major winter storm became more real. By Thursday it became clear that two weather systems would merge off of the New Jersey coast then move up over Cape Cod on Friday. I was planning to go to Washington, D.C. on Saturday via the bus and train. Seeing the storm track I expected that Boston and New York City would be a mess so I booked a plane for Sunday morning, after the storm passed. Well, here it is Sunday night and I hope to fly out of Bangor on Monday.

The snow started falling Friday lightly and by Friday night the snow was heavy and the wind was blowing a gale out of the northeast. Saturday morning the wind continued and the snow was so thick that the duck house was just barely visible. Visible enough for me to see that the door was still propped open, so at 6 AM on Saturday morning I waded through snow in my pajamas to close the door. The snow was already drifted up to my hips. It was dark, the power was out and the house was dismal and gray as we listen to the wind roar and the snow blast past horizontally. The snow was so fine it sifted into the green house and around the back door, piling up by the bench. The power was restored before noon but the wind and snow raced down the road until dark when the snow stopped but the wind whipped up everything into big frothy mounds.

Sunday morning we started the clean up. The wind swept some of the patio clean and drifted up past mother’s office window.

The greenhouse was buried top and bottom.

The hoop house collapsed!

Everyone moved snow under the watchful eye of Findus.

When the work was done, Findus relaxed in the sun to chew on a bone.

And Margaret made a delicious blueberry pie (gluten free crust) for us to enjoy.



  1. JMP says:

    Wow. Glad that the hoop house was the only structure/being that collapsed. Findus looks happy and healthy!

  2. John says:

    And I never made it to D.C.! No planes, trains or buses Saturday. Sunday flight canceled and no trains Sunday. Monday spent 8+ hours at the Bangor airport as 3 flights were canceled; at that point I gave up (and it was snowing again).

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