Sick Day Knitting

Here’s my excuse–her third day on the couch with a box of tissues and a bag of cough drops.  It just didn’t feel right to leave her home alone again!

So, I pulled out some knitting, got organized, and decided on JUST 5 projects to keep busy with — never mind all the rest of them, their day will come, maybe.




Project #1 Bearfoot Gloves

These have been languishing for years–today I started adding fingers–all of a sudden, it seems like I might actually finish them–very soft and comfy! This is a sock yarn, Mountain Colors Bearfoot, wool, some mohair and nylon, I think.



Project #2 Longjohn Socks

These have only been underway for 11 months–I started them while cheering on the runners in last year’s (inaugural) Chamberlain Half-Marathon.  I’d like to think I’ll have them done by the end of this year’s race, in March, but this is only the first, unfinished, sock. The yarn is mostly merino, Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock, a gift from Emily.


Project #3 Song Sparrow Scarf

This is a fun lace pattern from Anne Hanson, and is going to be lovely to wear–the yarn is Hazel Knits Entice, a blend of merino, nylon and cashmere.  I got a good start on it before Christmas, but lots of other items crowded it out–I think I might keep this one for myself!!


Project #4 Les Abeilles Shawl

Another Anne Hanson pattern, this small lace shawlette/scarf  works up quickly.  It doesn’t look like much progress, but I had over 2 inches done when I realized I had missed a very important detail in the directions–so out it came, and I started over, casting on those 318 stitches all over again! I am using Fleur de Fiber’s yarn, Aries Oceanus, color Abalone–it’s 70% merino and 30% seacell rayon.  It has a lovely, crisp, smooth feel, with a bit of a shine–almost silky.   The color is gorgeous and it knits up beautifully. Since I started this one all over again, it has only been underway a week!


Project #5  Duchess Sweater


It’s kind of a stupid name for a sweater, I know–but the pattern name is Caissa, which I don’t like, and the yarn is called Princess, and I’m definitely a little old for that to be a good name for a sweater for me, and this one is for me, so Duchess it is.  The pattern is kind of bathrobe-like, nice to wear around in a cold house (or classroom!), but easy to slip on or off.  I love the color, and the yarn is very drapey and soft–Classic Elite Princess–merino, viscose, cashmere, nylon and angora. I started this one in October, and am almost done with one sleeve–there is a LOT of knitting in this sweater, but it’s the kind that doesn’t require constant reference to instructions. I’ll be very happy if I have it ready for next winter!


I have also actually finished something–another long-ago-started pair of mittens, one of which has been hanging around on its own for ages.  They are a pattern of mine, called Winkumpaugh Road, after the beautiful maples that light up the roadside in October.  Someday soon I hope to put out the pattern!The yarn I used for these is Classic Elite Fresco, which has enough angora mixed in to make them nice and fluffy.

Since I haven’t posted in a while, the indoor gardens have been moving along–we have the last of the paperwhites, the mid season for the amaryllis, and the very first of the freesias!

And we also have Findus, who seems to be popular with my readers(!!), on his new bed, with his best friend Froggie.


  1. Phoebe says:

    Oh Findus! So precious with his Frog.

  2. emily says:

    Finny is so cute!!!! I can’t believe you’re working on that many knittting projects at once. I can’t even finish one. I should bring one on the plane on Monday but instead, I think I will be editing papers for a student sustainbility competition :/

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