Nothing Like A Three Day Weekend

The last time I even thought about doing a post was back in August, what feels like about 3 days ago–really more than 3 months ago!

But having a three-day weekend (without a major project like garlic-planting, chicken processing or hoop-house moving!) is like a mini-vacation–I did some knitting, cooking, gardening,  and even went to dinner at a friend’s and still fit in laundry, lesson preparing and paper correcting.  So to share …..

This is my beautiful “Sky Ladder” scarf, an Anne Hanson pattern made from Merino wool grown in Wyoming–I finished it on our trip to NY in August, and finally got around to blocking it this weekend! It is super soft, light and warm and will be available in “the box” at Christmas this year-

I bet some of my readers recognize this long-out-standing project–sleeves and body are attached, and I have actually progressed several inches up the yoke since this photo was taken–rumor has it the recipient has a November birthday??  I may not make the date, but I am determined to at least have this Cross-Country Hoodie on its way cross-country in November!

Another Anne Hanson pattern, in soft merino–this hat will have companion mittens (sometime!) and is headed for “the box”.

A quick project for mornings on duty in the car pool line–one down, one to go!

Now on to the garden–it is rather a mess–if the weather holds and I can pull in some help, we might get all the dead stuff (with its bugs, slugs, diseases and mold) out of the garden beds and on to the compost heap.  But there is still a ot of goodness out there, in spite of 6 inches of snow (mostly melted!), and some very chilly nights in the low 20’s–



Veg for the week….

And Mr. Findus guarding the bounty from those dastardly ducks…!


  1. Polly says:

    Wow – I can’t believe how many veggies there still are. And that scarf is really beautiful. Miss you!

  2. Phoebe says:

    The garden looks so nice, and that scarf is absolutely gorgeous! give Findus a kiss for me! xox

  3. Jonathan says:

    Wow. Excited for the sweater. Great pictures.

  4. John says:

    Findus guarding the food from the ducks? More likely he is trying to figure out if there are any hidden eggs to find and eat.

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