Aroostook County Potatoes

Fall, time to enjoy the fruits of our summer labors, and in this case the efforts of large scale potato farmers. The Columbus Day holiday gave us an extra day to squeeze in a trip north to get a supply of potatoes for the winter. The weather was heavily overcast and drizzly, not too cold and the foliage looked like it was near peak color. We packed a lunch, made a thermos of tea and headed out to the highway north. The speed limit is now 75 mph north of Orono, not very energy efficient, but the miles roll on a bit more quickly.

North of Medway we stopped to enjoy the scenic overlook. There, behind the clouds was majestic Mount Katahdin. Today we made do with placing some of the family in the pose instead.

All the way to Houlton the road was flanked with plenty of reds, yellows, and greens.

Once we got to Houlton, we headed further north on Route 1 to Monticello, to a reliable seller. Caveat emptor, many of the roadside deals for spuds are poorly graded, or ungraded, and that deal for 50 pounds may include plenty of golf ball sized taters. We passed plenty of evidence that the harvest was well along with long rows of freshly dug earth underneath the broad Aroostook sky. Now with 150 pounds of yukon gold, russets, and reds in the van we looked for a pleasant spot for lunch.

Outside of Bridgewater we found a quiet dead end road for our picnic in the damp. Nearby was a field of turnips waiting to be pulled.

This is such a different part of Maine, the landscape is more open, the terrain more broadly rolling, and the vistas are much bigger than we get along the coast.

One more stop in Houlton for 50 pounds of shepody’s and some dry beans, and then we were done.

We detoured through Island Falls and Sherman to catch more views of the big fields and fall colors.

Back onto the highway we cruised along, looking out for errant moose (none seen) and new glimpses of color.

post by JMP


  1. Emily says:

    No moose? Pretty pics, I like the family photos. I can’t believe I’ve never been up there, guess I’m not a real Mainer (esp now that I have a California license!)

  2. Polly says:

    Ah, beautiful, if a little muted. Wish I could have gone with you guys! Looking forward to enjoying some County potatoes at Christmas. I told Jaime he should head up and help out with the chicken slaughter in a few weeks…we shall see.

  3. John says:

    Well Em, you are bluenoser. Tell Jamie bird day is Saturday! What fun.

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