Greens Are Good For You–Garden Update #1

We’re still waiting for many crops to be ready for harvest, but in the meantime, the foliage is a feast for the eye! We do eat some of these greens, but many are still in the process of fulfilling their destinies.  If it is very hot and dry where you are, or even if it isn’t, come enjoy some cool greens from our garden (visually, that is!).  And, just for fun, try to identify these different plants by their leaves.  ID’s will be listed at the end of the post. The picture above, and the first mystery photo below are part of my Three Sisters garden bed.

#1 Who are these three sisters?

#2 This next one is tricky–many plants in this family look very similar at this stage. A clue–I leave this one in the ground overwinter for a sweet spring treat.
#3 These plants are in the same family as #2.
#4. The fruits of this plant cause people in rural Maine to lock their cars and homes in July and August.
#5 Properly cured and braided, these make an awesome soup in the winter.
#6 This vegetable comes in many shapes and colors–some are eaten green, while others are stored dry for a great baked treat.
#7 Halloween just wouldn’t be the same without this one!
#8 Not a vegetable, this herb is essential for a proper pickle-
#9 Already beginning to dry down for a late July harvest, this is another must in pickles–and an awful lot of other culinary delights as well!
#10 Russians make a famous soup with this root vegetable.
#11 These vines are so uncontrollable that many gardeners resort to cages.
#12 Blend this with garlic, romano cheese and olive oil for a fabulous summer treat–and freeze some for the winter
#13  Most salads include some of these leaves
#14 This was part of supper tonight–what greens can you identify?
The answers–
#1 Three sisters are corn (Ambrosia), beans (Vermont Cranberry-pole) and a mix of winter squash and pumpkins–many varieties.
#2 Parsnips
#3 Carrots
#4 Zucchini
#5 Onions
#6 Beans (Provider bush–eaten as green beans in this example)
#7 Pumpkins (Howden)
#8 Dill
#9 Garlic
#10 Beets (Early Wonder Tall Top)
#11 Tomatoes (Bobcat)
#12 Basil (Genovese)
#13 Lettuce (mixed!)
#14 Supper–included Genovese Basil, Red Russian Kale, Lacinato Kale, Golden Beet Greens, Early Wonder Tall Top Beet Greens, Swiss Chard and Green Wave Mustard (not all actually show in this photo)


  1. Phoebe says:

    just aced that quiz :)

  2. Polly says:

    Haha can’t say I aced it, but I got a few! Looks superb!

  3. Denise Slazas says:

    Hi, Mary.

    Your clues are too good!

    I have to tell you that shawl is gorgeous. I hope you decide to keep it for yourself, though I can think of a few young ladies who would be happy to have it

    Happy knitting,


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