Working for a living has been seriously interfering with the time I have available to post–but a weekend getaway has inspired me to try to get in at least one more post before school is out.  We headed up to Fredericton, New Brunswick for the 34th annual running of the Fredericton Marathon, which John, though fighting off a horrible cold managed to finish in a very respectable time (3:43:26, 74th out of 169 entrants) for someone who should have been on the couch with a box of tissues and a hot toddy!

Margaret also participated, running the associated 5K race and finishing in 25:37, 39 out of a field of 225, as well as being the first American finisher!

But even more importantly, she ran back along the course several kilometers and ran in with John the last miles–an invaluable help.  I took pictures, carried coats and cheered on the runners.

We stayed two nights and had a real break–truly needed.  The hotel had a very warm, well chlorinated pool, sauna and hot tub–blissful after a day on one’s feet in a cool damp drizzle.

We enjoyed the architecture in town, some very old from the original founding days.  There were many nice neighborhoods with old Victorians, as well as some less salubrious neighborhoods.  The St. John River is very wide and powerful here.  This former train bridge is now a foot bridge and part of the race course–Margaret and John each ran across it four times!

We enjoyed a really excellent dinner at The Mandarin Palace the night before the race–the people were incredibly solicitous, especially about the gluten-free situation, and the food was superb–they created a dish for Margaret with chicken and broccoli that we would all have been happy with!

The next night, after a lot of time in pool and sauna we headed out to our chosen restaurant–El Taco Loco–here’s what we found.  Then we went to number two on the list–music playing on an outside speaker, people and lights inside–door locked! Next was the Greek place at which the wait was 2 hours, the closed Pakistani restaurant; this place which was supposed to be Italian, and several other tries that all turned out to be closed on Sunday! (Not to mention the vomit and broken beer bottles in an alley and the panhandler, etc.).  We were getting a little desperate–not to mention hungry. And, of course, it was raining and rather chilly.  So, as a last resort, we crossed over the river to the other side of Fredericton.  It looked grim–Wendy’s, Subway, etc.  But we eventually found a diner.  We went in a little after 6, had fish and chips, and soup and pie and a hamburger (without a bun) and coleslaw and really good strong Canadian tea, and waddled out happily afterwards, leaving only 1 patron still at his dinner.  It was clearly a favorite with the geriatric set, which we are rapidly approaching belonging to! (Not Margaret, of course).

After another peaceful sleep, and a second evening of knitting and commercials (with short viewings of a kid’s movie–Horton Hears a Who, and Nanny MacPhee), we headed home to Maine—with a short stop at one of my favorite places, Briggs and Little Woolen Mill in Harvey Station. I was very restrained in my purchases, and actually found some of what I was looking for in the bargain basket!


  1. emily says:

    cute! i love the photos! it looks like after the running you guys had a very relaxing, warm and cozy trip! the exact opposite of ours, with drinking two gallons of water per day and waking up bright and early to bees and hummingbirds in the desert bladder sage plant outside our tent!

  2. Polly says:

    Even though I had fun hanging out with Findo and the birds, wish I could have been there!

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