December Harvest

It is early December, and we have had two pretty substantial snowfalls, a few hard frosts, and many light ones, but right now it feels more like the Pacific northwest than downeast Maine. A combination of the relatively forgiving weather, and the garden hoop house, have combined to make garden season an (almost) year-round activity. Even though I have these ingredients under wraps and stored elsewhere for the frigid days to come, I was able to pull what I needed for chicken stock right out of the open garden—a few leftover leeks, in-ground carrots and re-growing celery. Here is some of what I gathered a couple of days ago, some from the hoop house (leeks, lettuce, arugula and radicchio), but the Brussels sprouts, spinach and kale are out in the open, uncovered. I wish more people with gardens would plant a row or two for late fall—it is the most rewarding harvesting I do!


  1. Polly says:

    That broth looks so delicious. Makes me hungry.

  2. Denise Slazas says:

    Your photos are beautiful, Mary. The radicchio looks particularly appetizing among the densely colored greens. I do believe I have more kale in my garden, too; time for potato kale soup.

    • Mary says:

      Yes, potato-kale soup! The other day I made a leek and potato soup, but I added a lot of fresh celery–so it was more like a cream of celery soup–that was excellent!

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