Maine Mitten Collection

A long awaited day (by me, anyway) is coming soon—I will be releasing three new mitten pattens that have been in the works for a while—I am so excited!!

First is Miss Rumphius, named for the “Lupine Lady” in Barbara Cooney’s eponymous children’s book. Legend has it that Miss Rumphius, in retirement, walked about in her coastal Maine village tossing lupine seed everywhere she roamed, somewhat in the manner of Johnny Appleseed, to spread beauty in the world. The displays of massed purple, pink and white lupines along Maine’s roadsides in June are reputed to be descended from her initial efforts.

This pattern will be sized from a small that would be just right for girls, right up to a large woman’s hand size.  The sample is knit in Quince & Co. Chickadee, a Maine yarn company!
























Next is Munjoy Hill, named for the neighborhood in Portland, ME. Portland is a great city, and Munjoy Hill is a lovely, friendly neighborhood, with old brick sidewalks and the beautiful Eastern Prom, a curving green park and walkway all along the coast where you can watch ferries, seabirds, children in sailing dinghies and any number of strollers, bicyclists dog walkers and runners, just a few moments walk from anywhere in the neighborhood.


This pattern will work well for both men and women, and will be available in three sizes, from a small to a large adult hand. The mittens shown were worked in Jamieson’s Double Knitting Shetland Wool.



The final pattern for this release is Ragged Island, after one of my very favorite places.








The island goes by some other names as well, and is out at the farthest reaches of Penobscot Bay. No longer a year round community, it still has a very active lobster fishery with many families spending the summer in the small village. I designed and knit this pattern there, and the colors remind me of sea foam, sand and rockweed, with the bright colors twinkling like so many pieces of sea glass.  This is also a great pattern for both men and women. Peace Fleece Sportweight yarn from Porter, Maine was used for this pair of mittens.

All the patterns list measurements for each size and include the number of yards needed for each color used in the patterns ( for those of you with well developed stashes!), as well as full color charts for each size.

We are doing a few last minute tweaks, and double checking the system, all new to me, and hopefully before the end of the week the patterns will be available—singly or as a collection. Details to follow soon!


  1. Polly says:

    Glad you found someone who’s hands actually fit in those ragged island mittens! Very exciting…

  2. Denise Slazas says:

    How to pick? They’re all gorgeous!

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