Forget About Shopping

This is the week merchants want us to believe that the most important preparation we should have on our mind is shopping—Black Friday, Bing Crosby blaring from store sound systems, everything glistening in red and green—that whole consumer thing.

But we have other seasonal activities that we find more compelling.

I’ve previously posted about our various storage sites for food harvested from the garden. This is one very important aspect of preparing for winter here in downeast Maine, but there are a few other key elements as well—you might almost consider preparing for winter it’s own season. I clearly remember how, when they were little, my older children would ask if something being stored away (usually food) was “for winter”. They must have heard me use that phrase a lot!

So in addition to filling the freezers we now have:

A full woodshed (and LOTS of kindling! Yay!);

Washed (and drying) woolies;

A hoop house moved and covering the winter greens;

The garden cleaned out and mulched;

Studded snow tires on;

Shovels at the ready;

House plants inside, and paperwhites growing; and

(Important to me if nobody else around here)—lots of knitting projects lined up!


  1. Phoebe Peckenham says:

    I love the narcissus! Hopefully there will still be some at christmas break?

  2. Andrew Sankey says:

    Love this blog! Thanks for sharing all that you do here; all is appreciated, especially the inspiration it provides. Please enjoy a blessed Thanksgiving.

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