Lonely Hearts Club

Brisk, sunny fall days are a great time to air things out, especially woolens, and as today looked promising, I started pulling out the spare hats, mittens, gloves, socks, scarves and other assorted odds and ends from the old pine dresser in the laundry room. As expected, there was a rather pervasive old wool smell, verging on downright musty. The drawers were absolutely crammed. Tugging the various items out and into a laundry basket, it occurred to me that an awful lot of the things coming to light had not been worn by anyone, including stray visitors from warmer places like California, for years. And not only that, there were some special knits (true heirlooms well over 50 years old) that I would never let anyone wear, should they be daring enough to try and get away with it. Then there were a few cute, little baby items that managed to survive all six of my kids in reasonably decent shape that no longer fit anyone in the entire extended family. All in all there was easily twice as much stuff in those two drawers as there should have been.

The purpose of the drawers is to keep some extra woolies available for visitors, emergencies and growth spurts. But having so much stuffed into them was defeating the purpose—there’s no room to breathe, and serious mustiness results.

So the time had come to spread out these beauties and decide on their future homes:

True heirlooms, including outgrown baby things, will be accorded a special storage container in the attic.

Lonely hearts will be……I don’t really know what to do with these!! I’ve held on to some of them for years in vain hopes that their mates will return—ideas?? Anybody recognize any of these—have the mate in your own lonely hearts club?

Good, warm items that are NEVER worn and most likely never will be if they return to the drawer, will be donated.

If you are a family member reading this and have opinions about anything you see in these pictures (especially if it’s something you can’t stand to see go), let me know ASAP!

After this paring down, the hats and mittens, socks and scarves that are still in favor will be carefully washed, aired and then returned to the two freshly lined drawers, along with the lavender I clipped today (once it’s nice and dry).


  1. Polly says:

    I’ll take an odd pair of the lonely hearts – blue glove and a mittin about the same size? As well as that pair of blue/purple socks if it’s up for grabs…
    Also, I think the old ear warmers (blue and red) should go in the baby/heirloom/attic pile…
    See you soon!

    • Mary says:

      They’re yours! I reminded Margaret last night to take anything she wanted and she took me quite literally–this morning I noticed she had made off with the two heirloom pairs of brown and gold mittens from Aunt Martha–I’ve been keeping them off small people’s hands for years! I’ll be repossessing them!

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