Knitting Season

In addition to the usual four seasons we can all identify with, we have a few more here—some are the usual additional Maine seasons (mud season–not too bad some years, blackfly season–tortuous, hunting season–blaze orange, Indian summer–right now, and delightful!), but I generally have two main seasons into which I divide my year, overlapping and coinciding with all the others–gardening season, and knitting season.  They are far from mutually exclusive, as I knit all year long (and garden almost all year long now that we have the hoop house), but they each have their dominant time.  And now that the garden is winding down, neatened up and leaf covered, knitting is no longer done just late at night, waiting in carpool lines and at the dentist–yesterday (being sunny and warm–for Maine, that is), I actually sat outside in the sun soaking up some Vitamin D and made this cute little hat for Leo, a friend’s 3 month old baby boy.  I have lots of other projects that are in the works–some  sketched and charted, some swatched, and others actually on the needles.  Since some of these might appear other places and can’t be shown here, and others are for The Box*,  and are also kind of secret, I give you a little collage with peeks of what I will  be diving into in the days and weeks to come. 

My knitter friends and I officially opened knitting season with our annual Knit-In on Friday–we knit at my house this year, and it was perfect–everyone brought delicious food–just to make your mouth water, we had: pumpkin muffins, chips and dip, special Mexican chocolate, butternut squash soup, elegant egg salad sandwiches, fresh green salad and a delightful fruit salad–I think there’s some stuff I’m forgetting, but also, of course, lots of tea.  It was cold and rainy outside, but we had the wood stove going in the living room and no responsibilities all day long–just uninterrupted knitting time (UKT—M. Joan Davis)—a Knitter’s Paradise!!

(*The Box–an absolutely outstanding idea I picked up from a knitter I met at a class–she has a friend who had gotten fed up with her knitted offerings not fitting, being the wrong color, not being worn, etc., that she swore off making anything specifically for anyone!  She now knits just exactly what she feels like, in whatever yarn she likes, and then it goes into The Box.  She then allows the special people in her life to choose something from The Box on appropriate occasions.  I completely identify with this situation, and immediately began my own Box.  There’s only one scarf in it so far, but I have a LOT of almost finished items that are heading for it–and plenty of additional ideas, if not time!)


  1. Pat Humphrey says:

    The Box is a great idea! Think I’ll start one of my own.

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