Baxter, Too

When I posted about our chicken processing day, I included a picture of Findus.  Well, I really should have put one in of Baxter as well, because she was right there through the whole thing–so to make up for my neglect, she’s getting her very own short post this morning.  

Early this morning they each had a great big beef bone from some stock I was making yesterday, and loafed around on the frosty grass for ages, gnawing away (bones are NOT allowed in the house!).  When I called them in, Baxter, in her usual fashion lately, decided she had to take a loop around the house first and come in from the front garden. She is one stubborn old lady, but we still love her.


  1. Polly says:

    Oh Baxter…the most stubborn of all. Looks like it’s been really beautiful up there lately.

  2. James Peckenham says:

    does baxter no longer have a left hind leg? I can’t see it in either of her pictures….

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