Home as Pantry

As time has gone by, and especially in this season of the year, I find my shopping lists are getting shorter and the times between trips longer.  We go to Quill’s End Farm for our milk (which also becomes yoghurt, butter and soft cheese); we purchase meat there as well, by the half or quarter of a whole animal and freeze it.  The chickens are raised here –some for meat and others for eggs, vegetables and much of our fruit (including cider, yum) is grown in the garden and orchard, and herbs sprout in various gardens and containers.  Producing the bounty is only half the job.  If it isn’t stored or preserved in some way, all that work is for nothing.

Here’s a little tour of the places we store a goodly amount of our year’s food–winter squash and pumpkins, canned tomatoes, jelly, jam and pickles are in the laundry room (cool and dry), apples in bushel baskets on the screen porch (cold–will be brought in when it gets colder), onions in the attic (coolish and dry), meats and vegetables in the freezer, cider, sauerkraut, deli pickles, eggs and milk in the refrigerator, celery in pots in the shop (cool, not so dry, and a window), miscellaneous vegetables saved from the garden, but not yet  dealt with  (back hall–convenient and cool), beets, turnips, rutabagas, cabbage, kohlrabi, potatoes and carrots in the old cellar (cold, and damp), herbs in containers in the living room (usually in our attached greenhouse, but that is under reconstruction right now) and fresh greens and leeks in the hoop house (not strictly in the house but close enough).

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