Winter Heat

There is more than one kind of winter heat that we give thought to in October–the presence of a sufficient, dry, split and stacked woodpile is first on the list (check).  Back-up heat is a second consideration (we are presently contemplating replacing a kerosene-fueled heater with a pellet stove). And a third is the stockpiling of enough capsicum-based heat to see us through a winter of curries, stir-fries and chili.  So far, there are several jars of home-made sriracha sauce (Czech Black Sriracha Sauce), and a dozen jars of homemade salsa.  I’m slowly gleaning the last of the summer season vegetables, and this pile of goodies has been waiting for me on the counter.

They include Long Red Cayenne, Jaluv-An-Attitude Jalapeno, Czech Black, Thai  and Hungarian Hot Wax.

So, having an odd moment today,  I chopped and bagged the whole bowlful–my favorite (and shortest) processing job of the season.  Wearing gloves (VERY important!), simply chop, bag and freeze.  When the time comes to use in cooking, just scoop out the amount needed, and enjoy!


  1. Phoebe Peckenham says:

    are the peppers that hot that you would get a burn if you didn’t wear gloves??

    • Mary says:

      Not such a big deal on the hands, but if you were to then rub your eye, for example, it would REALLY hurt! And it takes an awful lot of washing to be sure you really get it all off your hands!

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