2011 MDI Marathon (RP#4)

Today was the big kahuna race for this week–26.2 miles of some of the most beautiful scenery anywhere, with crowds of people and more runners, walkers, spectators, and law enforcement personnel (state police, local police, game wardens, and national park police),  as well as running and bicycle support people, than you could ever imagine in one place at the same time in a pretty rural corner of Maine.

John ran it in 3 hours and 33 minutes (and a few seconds), and Sally ran over 8 miles with him in two stints, and Margaret ran about 4 miles with him–they both ran with him into Southwest (finish line).  He did NOT collapse at the finish, but had a really tough race, with hip and knee pain all through.  But it’s over and he’s happy, so I am too.  Now back to the knitting, gardening and food posts (soon)!


  1. Polly says:

    Great pics! Wish I could have been there…

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