A Doozy of a Running Week


When I finally decided to have a blog, one of my main goals was to keep far-flung family members up to date on the happenings on the home front. ¬†So, in order to make that happen, I’m going to have to toss in a running post or two (probably four this week!), to keep the away crowd fully informed. ¬†Unless you happen to be a family member, you wouldn’t necessarily know that my family (with the notable exception of me) are running nuts–very competitive, and pretty darn fast running nuts at that.


So with no further ado–Sunday, October 9–the Blue Hill Pumpkin Run 4K

Sally-first in her age group,

John-first in his age group, and

Margaret-first in her age group!

Go Team P!


(Upcoming–October 13-Small Schools XC Championship, October 15-Harvest 5K, October 16-MDI Marathon–this is just in the next week, you know–fortunately, as it gets colder, the races are fewer!)


  1. jonathan says:

    Wow. Domination by Team P.

  2. John says:

    Team P? That is Team Pecktacular!

  3. James Peckenham says:

    Pecktacular represent! Hope to conjure up something noteworthy in a few weeks…

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