Czech Black Sriracha Sauce

In spite of being from Maine, where traditional meals include dishes such as baked beans, red snappers (the hot dog, not the fish) and cucumbers floating in vinegar and sugar, my family absolutely LOVES hot food–as in super spicy Asian dishes, fiery Mexican fare and mouth-numbing Indian curries.  So, in the interests of those few of us that actually like to taste our food, we’ve compromised on the amount of red pepper flakes used at the cooking stage and instead keep both a shaker of the flakes, AND a great big bottle of srircha sauce on the table at all times, right there next to the salt, pepper and cumin.

I have been having a very good haul of my favorite hot peppers this year–Czech Black, a moderately spicy jalapeno type that starts off a very dark purple, but ripens to the most beautiful garnet red imaginable.  Almost too beautiful to eat, but so tasty they are hard to resist.  I had a bowl of them on the counter one day earlier this summer and wondered if we might be able to make our own sriracha sauce–after glancing through a few cookbooks with no success, I opened up the laptop and in moments found this great site, and a very easy, and ultimately extremely well received recipe (I used the fresh sriracha sauce directions)–but the best part (to me) was not how fast, easy, tasty or gorgeous this sauce was, but the aroma in the kitchen!  Incredible!



  1. James Peckenham says:

    Is it perishable? Can you mail me some? It looks and sounds delicious!

  2. John says:

    Is it possibly too good to share!


  1. Winter Heat says:

    […] of curries, stir-fries and chili.  So far, there are several jars of home-made sriracha sauce (Czech Black Sriracha Sauce), and a dozen jars of homemade salsa.  I’m slowly gleaning the last of the summer season […]

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