After The Rain

I am soooo excited!  My first published pattern, After The Rain,  is now up in the Deep Fall Issue of Knitty!!  Here is Polly being a very good sport on our last minute extra photo shoot Labor Day weekend, when she would have been way more comfortable in shorts and a tee shirt–


Margaret was happy to be included as well-





Enjoy the pattern!




  1. Bev says:

    I took the class to make these mittens, but ended up missing the class. I picked up the materials and instructions, however; and paid for the class. Am glad I did, because these are really pretty. Since my knitting experience is limited, my mittens were fine through the wrist, but somehow I went wrong in the hand area (it is really narrow), but I don’t think I decreased the stitches. My gauge did go to 8 st per inch rather than 6.5. I did the adult small and am going to trying it again with a larger needle. Can I get the picture of the pattern for the larger sizes? Or can I use the pattern pic for the adult small when doing the larger sizes?

    • Mary says:

      Hi Bev–
      Sorry you missed the class, but Berla knit a pair and she could probably help you in person. Having a gauge of 8 sts to the inch would definitely make the mitten a LOT smaller than you probably expected. I’m not sure what you’re asking about the picture–the photos in the Knitty article are all from a size medium mitten. If you mean the graphs, they are all included in the article as links. Berla was printing them at the shop for people, in the size they requested. We did find the ink was low, because the colors were not as distinct from each other as they should have been. If you have internet access and a color printer, you can go into the article and find the place where they have a link that will take you to the chart size you are interested in. Good luck!

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