Knitter’s Retreat and The Ragged Island Mitten

I am very fortunate to belong to a small, wonderfully supportive, group of knitters.  We try really hard to find time on Fridays to get together at one of our houses, knit, drink tea, eat whatever delicious morsels we feel  moved to bring (one day almost everything was carrot based!), but most importantly we talk.  Yeah, yeah, yeah, a bunch of 50-something women yakking–the old stitch and bitch thing–but amazingly enough, it is just not like that at all–there is support, and understanding, sympathy, concern for each other’s offspring(we’re all moms) and real affection.

A few years ago, we decided to make it a priority to go somewhere for a few days in early September for a knitting retreat.  We’ve gone to a few different places, but my favorite is a small seasonally inhabited island way, way, way off the coast in Penobscot Bay.  This was our destination this year, and after a (to me, a very bad sailor) wild ride out, we settled in and pulled out the knitting (and the food and the tea…)–just like a Friday, but for 3 days and 4 nights!!

Because I have decided to return to the knit design world after a decade away, it seemed fitting to test knit one of my new designs while on the island.  In spite of numerous re-knittings, and working by candlelight and headlamp when the solar lights ceased to function (might have been the muskrat, but that’s another story), I got one mitten done, and photographed.  It still needs a little tweaking, but I’m happy with it, and decided the design should be called  Ragged Island Mittens.  They are knit in Peace Fleece sport weight yarn, a lovely wool/mohair mix. The Sheplova Mushroom reminds me of the many ripe orange rowanberry trees along the island trails, as well as the rusty brown kelp, and the Olive Roots color is just like the sea foam when it’s a bit rough–Faith thought the many flecks of color were like the much sought after sea glass, those wave and sand-softened pieces of glass that are often brown, white or green, but every now and then an especially pretty blue, or even rarer yet, a bright red. I plan to have the pattern available here soon– (relatively soon, it is still September–see the Farm Updates if you want to know what I mean by that!)


  1. Cheryl says:

    Ragged Island Mittens…yay, yay, yay and again I say yay! Just finished Knitty deep fall gazing too, couldn’t be happier for you if I tried!

  2. Denise Slazas says:

    How wonderful! I love both pairs of mittens. Your photography is fabulous and your write-ups infomational as well as warming. Congratulations to you and your models.

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