Extra-Early Thanksgiving

It’s not really Thanksgiving, not even Canadian Thanksgiving (October 10 ), but I feel like it should be. In spite of heavy winter snows, Hurricane Irene, and 3 nights of frost warnings in a row, the tomatoes and peppers, cukes, melons, basil and sweet potatoes in our hoop house are still growing, producing and looking pretty good. I’m not sure how much longer I can reasonably expect this to go on–last week it seemed that there was no end in sight–it was still warm and humid and very summery. But a brisk, chilly wind woke us on Friday morning–as my friend Faith says–it was “snappin”, and ever since then we’ve all picked up the pace, and really pushed ahead with getting as much food out of the garden and into storage, covered up or out to friends  as possible.

The days have been cool and crisp, but sunny, and everyone (including Baxter and Findus) is full of energy, which is a very good thing, because we really need it right now!


This weekend’s accomplishments ( I guess we’re bragging here):

7 quarts of canned tomatoes, 5 quarts frozen broccoli, 10 quarts frozen corn, 2 half-gallon jars of half sour pickles, a big pot of green soup, a crockpot of baked beans, 2 gallons of cider, a gluten free applesauce cake, a large crock of sauerkraut, and 2 bushels of apples picked at a local orchard–whew!

The kitchen was occupied by one or the other of us all day long on Saturday and most of Sunday as well!


I imagine John will be glad to get back to work on Monday! (Especially since he also did his marathon training “long run” this Sunday morning–20+ miles, AND started rebuilding the knee wall of the greenhouse!!) So, in spite of the work, I could not be happier, or more grateful, to have this bounty, to be able to save it for the winter, and to be able to share it.


  1. James Peckenham says:

    Hi family and baxter and findus…mmm, all that looks good

  2. Phoebe Peckenham says:

    Everything looks incredible, I wish I could have tried the sweet potatoes and melons before I left though!

    • Mary says:

      Well, the melons aren’t great–I really need to figure that whole thing out–they are never very successful in my garden, and the sweet potatoes are still in the ground. I’m leaving them in until it starts to get cold–I’ll take a picture and show you (assuming they’re worth taking a picture of!)

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