An Idyll on Grindstone Island Geology


Here it is the second day of spring 2015 and the wind chill is below zero, again. After experiencing the all-time coldest month in February and with March on track for being the coldest March on record, I decided to cast back in time to last summer and then a mere billion years to the […]

Harvest Post #2


First of all, it is time to report on the fermented dilly beans that I shared about in my last harvest post. I have been watching them for almost 2 weeks (the amount of time most recipes recommend), and wondering if the color changes, cloudy liquid, etc. were what I should expect. I finally got […]

Harvest Post #1


Tis the season–harvest time! Not a week goes by at this time of the year without one or more major reapings. This week, among lots of other vegetables we are harvesting for meals, we brought in the garlic (now hanging in the woodshed to dry), the last of the peas, the first of the Yellow […]